making space

After spending the day at the studio as per usual today, Amertah and I went to the South Park “Walkabout” for the first time and friends, it was magical. There were people and babies and more people and “Boutiques” and “shoppes” and all sorts of other cleverly named places to spend money. one of the highlights of this outing however, was a flea circus…

The “ringleader” worked out of this little suitcase circus and was genuinely entertaining. A natural performer I must say. Despite the heckling of no less than a dozen unmonitored prepubescent pests who had seen the show before and insisted on yelling out his next moves, he drew a huge crowed to his sidewalk stand and brought some needed weirdness to an otherwise pretty commerce-driven event. here are a couple more highlights from the evenings “walkabout”…

trash monster

no, I did not actually get on the stationary penny farthing bicycle

and here are some pictures of something that I found just baffling. Here in the heart of South Park, Guarding a very fancy dwelling, and adjacent to several of the most visited shops, was a gate and fence with delicate crisscrossed latticework. As Sylvie and I stood outside one of these fine establishments, I took a glance up to inspect the lattice detail on the upper portion of the fence, which runs the full length of the property and repeats this detail every few feat. here is what I saw upon closer inspection…

hmmm... this is literally on the the sidewalk. not a far off kind of thing

lets get another look at that fine staple-work

yep, thats reeeeaaaal nice

apparently the staple gun is the new nail-gun. unfortunately, this looks like absolute shit. I love that they couldn’t even staple from the other side. This is unapologetic staple gun usage for architectural purposes and I am just not ok with it. This person undoubtedly paid someone a large sum of money to intricately decorate their relatively bland but no doubt excessive home, and this master of the building crafts used a household staple gun to fabricate a clean minimal craftsman style detail all along their sidewalk adjacent fence. This would make a great practical joke.

so, after seeing all we could see of the Southpark “scene”, I got back to the studio and proceeded to completely dismantle my entire world. I had known this day would come but it was still a big step. I have been wondering how this piece I am working on would get worked on once I got to a certain stage, and then the other day I got to that stage. In order to make room for my 12 foot diving board, I abandoned one of my workbenches and rearranged my entire space to accommodate a set of custom sawhorses designed to hold the piece 40 inches off the floor so the poles that stick through it don’t hit. it seems to have worked but it was still a difficult step. I think I like the new setup.

Yes, I voted Bush Quayle when I was 5...

on a slightly more ridiculous note, As I was inspecting the two undergrad studios for potential space to put my cast-off bench, I found this…

that bear made of cedar

Now, I’m not quite sure whats going on here or what this is going to eventually be (i imagine some sort of bear or something) but it is pretty magical. Needless to say, it was very close to this spectacular sign…

I didn't know wood "squished"

One can never bee too careful.

And now I leave you with this…

this is my serious face!


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4 responses to “making space

  1. Erin

    they could have at least used a pin nailer!!!!!

  2. omg, and I thought that using the pin nailer all the time was borderline (not quite) tacky. So are you saying that the house this thing is on is fancy?? it looks like someone tacked a couple of fliers on this thing once upon a time.

  3. Shane

    It looks so evenly spaced too. To think that one would actually spend their time to measure and space accordingly only to mash together with a staple gun. Gee I wish I was that clever.

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