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12 feet of sun drenched fiberglass

Before I get started with what I’m working on right now, I want to show you what my special lady friend, Amertah, did with my sawhorses that I posted the pictures of the other day, while I was at the studio today. here’s a hint… genius. Continue reading


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Talking “Helter Shelter”

So last night we had a grad critique on the theme of shelter that most everyone (Although I’ve worked a lot within this theme, I’m kind of doing my own thing at this point) has been working on for the past five weeks or so. It was a good crit and I took pictures of it for your viewing enjoyment. Continue reading

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death of a tape deck

recently the tape deck in my Subaru failed. Aside from a couple of mix tapes that I have, the deck was only used to plug in one of those shitty tape auxiliary plug things for my ipod. I wanted to take this opportunity to contemplate the tape deck at this point in history… Continue reading


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shapes and sizes

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on a sort of sprawling roadmap of sorts constructed as a long string of mutant sawhorses. here are some progress shots of it a couple of days ago. It maps out the swimming pools in a particular neighborhood and I have since painted the pools and advanced a little further on the project. Continue reading

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thinking of new work

As I get ready to get back into the studio and finish this current piece up, I’m (as usual) more interested now in what’s next. I really want to move past these house structures that i was working with so much in the past few months and this sickness interlude has really stalled my momentum. I’ve been looking at some new artists lately that are making some really cool work that inspires me. Here’s a guy named Michael Beitz who i found out about because he just finished up a Bemis residency, which i just applied for. his house box fan in particular is pretty awesome. His work is right up my alley and it seems like he too is a recent MFA grad. i like his level of interaction and playfulness but overall i want to make more intervention type work that speaks to its location more that that.

There are some really great local artists that I have been looking at too. Andy Ralphmakes some great work. you may remember his wacky outdoor lawnchairs from the Here Not There show at MCASD La Jolla. This piece however, Continue reading


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something new, something blue, something Flu

is this back-alley church or a dry cleaner?

so I’m starting to go crazy in my house and, just in time, I think I may be recovering from this evil Flu.
On a note unrelated to school or my impending thesis or our seminar class, I want everyone to get as excited as I am about the forthcoming new Panda Bear album “Tomboy”. Here is a link to a sweet cut from it called “Last Night at the Jetty” over at Pitchfork. Continue reading


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First Posting: Where I’m at, what we’re doing, and what’s coming up

Am I blogging yet? Am I a “Blogger”? not quite. I wouldn’t yet consider myself a significant part of the “blogosphere” or any “blogoverse” but here is my attempt at publicly airing my concerns and ideas for general consumption. Generally I work in a kind of off the cuff manner, so I think that this process should be interesting for me.
This is my last semester of gradauate school and as a part of our seminar this semester, we are all undertaking this exciting experiment in fancypantsness for our own personal betterment. I myself intended to start a blog long ago and have of course put it off until it has been mandated, but, better late than never right?… right. Continue reading


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