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3 Things

Since I apparently can’t post with any real consistency any more, post-worthy topic tend to pile up for me. So, in order to bring us up to date, today you will learn about 3 big things, in chronological order, all of which are awesome for me.

But first, This hospital pain chart from the Blue Hill Hospital…


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Some kind of things

So it’s come to this: I’m going to lame out and just dump a bunch of pictures of things on you. Starting now… Continue reading


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making space

After spending the day at the studio as per usual today, Amertah and I went to the South Park “Walkabout” for the first time and friends, it was magical. There were people and babies and more people and “Boutiques” and “shoppes” and all sorts of other cleverly named places to spend money. one of the highlights of this outing however, was a flea circus… Continue reading


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Suzie home maker

these parts are starting to look familiar

Why is it that no matter what I do, I always end up making tiny houses. I took this picture at about 1:30 this morning in the midst of making a stack of parts for my diving board’s cam mechanism. The parts are intended to be set up something like this… Continue reading


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Bird Head Masks On Fire

Rebecca's work and Yona cast big shaddows

It’s been a busy few days with all kinds of shows and work and lectures to see. On Thursday, our resident artist BA Harrington gave a lecture on her work on campus. there was a decent turn out but unfortunately, there was a lecture at the downtown gallery at the same time so a lot of faculty attended that instead. But, the lecture was informative and fun and the group went out and made fools of ourselves at a local pizza place packed with sporty college students. Continue reading


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Today we had a crit in Seminar of a short term project that began over Margaritas and Mexican food last week. Wendy handed out a paper napkin to each of us and told us to draw or sketch the first thing that came to mind. Then we passed them one person to the left and she told us to make a piece in a week about that person’s drawing. Some fun work came of it. I like these short assignments like this because it allows for a kind of unrestrained creativity that sometimes gets complicated over the long term. That kind of exercise, I think, really helps inform how you think and make work in the long run. Continue reading

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