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New idea

New idea… Starting this week, the first full week of my second year teaching, I will be posting at least once a week again. I tend to have anxiety about posting big important posts and then too much stuff happens for me to report on. From now on, no matter how minuscule, I’m going to try posting to this here blog more often, because I’ve got things happening, I just don’t have time to explain it all.
Here is this to start this new blogular phase.

I’m a finalist for a big public art project (1 of 7 out 100 proposals) at the new Maine General Hospital, and this is the team of finalists on a site visit to the project which is still under construction. This is what artists look like when they dress up like construction workers.
Anyway, it’s a very cool project and I really hope I get to create this piece for it. Here are a few more images for you.



Also, this…

It’s the town I grew up in, Northville NY, from the air.

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