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Back From the Frozen Midwest, Into the Frozen Northeast

my parent's house in Warren Maine, from my recently acquired drone.

my parent’s house in Warren Maine, from my recently acquired drone.

Hello all, and welcome back to SnarkAttack. I haven’t posted much of late because things have been a whirlwind since about midway through my four month stint in Madison Wisconsin as Windgate Artist in Residence in the Furniture Program there. A lot has happened.

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3 Things

Since I apparently can’t post with any real consistency any more, post-worthy topic tend to pile up for me. So, in order to bring us up to date, today you will learn about 3 big things, in chronological order, all of which are awesome for me.

But first, This hospital pain chart from the Blue Hill Hospital…


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Sketchy Business

I hate to put up a new post and send my Thesis work to the bottom of the page, but its time to move on…

Contrary to popular belief, the weeks following one’s thesis exhibition are anything but calm and relaxing. Granted it is vastly different than the long days at the studio that I have grown accustomed to, but I don’t really feel as though I am in some magical land of relief and relaxation. Honestly, I don’t really think I would like that. who does? Continue reading


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Am I a master yet? well no…

After a brief hiatus, I am finally able to return to the self indulgent world of blogging. My hiatus, as many of you know, was not one of leisure but instead, a brief interlude of hectic insanity known as the MFA thesis exhibition. In hindsight, I would say that the show and the run-up to it went better than I could have hoped.
The show, entitled You Are Here, was presented as a walking tour that started in the Jackson gallery on campus and wound around the fifth floor balcony of the art building in a large loop. The idea was to try to replicate the kinds of mediated interactions with the landscape and space familiar from national parks, historic landmarks, and even shopping malls. here is an image of the map for reference… Continue reading


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Thesis haze

So, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but this thesis thing started really taking over my life, as it should, but I only have a week and a half left so that’s exciting. speaking of which, here is the flier for the show, which is entitled You Are Here

and here are the PDFs if you want to download it. You Are Here front
You Are Here back

As I wind up for the final push to the show, I am finding a distinct (and welcome) lack of fear and nervousness. I’m not without some stress and worry but I feel like, at this point, the work will be done and the show will be what it will be. That’s not to say that in the next several days I won’t fall apart, but as of now it looks like it will come together to be a pretty strong, and fun, show. I was having a conversation with my good friend Amelia the other day, who is at the same point in a graduate program in metals at Madison, and we both have come to a similar point in our work regarding our thesis. It seems like you really do become more comfortable with your work and your process and ability to discuss those things as you move along this path. Not that I’m getting cocky, (i still go through periods of intense self doubt… all the time in fact) it’s just an understanding that I am working as much as one can work and at this point, I have a certain sense of comfort with the knowledge that my work is at least getting at something that I am happy with. for whatever that’s worth. Continue reading

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making contact

Yesterday, about 3/4 of the way through my bike ride to the studio, I reached out and high-fived a man dressed as a subway sandwich. Now, I don’t normally go out of my way to make physical contact with strangers dressed as giant sandwiches, but I though, that man is no doubt crying inside of that suit as he dances holding a sign for 5 dollar (definitely more than his hourly wage) sandwiches, and the high five being the new, well, high five, he could use a dose of ride by hand smacking. He looked a little something like this, except he was dancing on the curb along busy El Cajon blvd.

I hope that I could have brightened his day just a bit, although I fear that only hard hard drugs could brighten a day that has been spent in such a way. That’s all I’ve got for today. stay tuned for my next post when I reveal the secrets of the hypnotizing sandwich dance.

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Suzie home maker

these parts are starting to look familiar

Why is it that no matter what I do, I always end up making tiny houses. I took this picture at about 1:30 this morning in the midst of making a stack of parts for my diving board’s cam mechanism. The parts are intended to be set up something like this… Continue reading


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Its raining raindrops!

Tonight I went in to the Studio at about 11 pm to get a couple of little tasks finished up and it was raining really hard. This was a really beautiful rain so I’m ok with it but the SDSU art building is not. our back porch was about two inches deep at the center and the drain was totally clogged. so, I plunged it out and it made the coolest whirlpool I’ve ever seen. It was dark out and I was cameraless so you’ll have to take my word for it but it was wicked fast and then it started making this really loud suction noise as it drained the water as quickly as it could.
After dealing with that, I went to check on my rocking shed (it looks a little something like this… Continue reading


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Tech Tools or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the Jesus Phone

Since we live in a world completely filled with advertising, I, unfortunately, take in a lot of commercials and ads. Also, as a thinking person, I am constantly wondering who the hell is getting paid to create this stuff. Here is a good example that I encountered one recent evening at a CVS.

at the entrance to a CVS...

At first glance this may seem to make sense: Continue reading

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Making Our Mark: mapping the ridiculous

The Colon may just be the fanciest punctuation in the English language. Honestly I’ve never quite known if I use it properly but, in most cases, It can take any phrase and immediately make is sound like the title page of a doctoral dissertation. Here is the title of my undergraduate thesis paper…( yes, undergraduate International Relations students write thesis papers no matter how pathetic they turn out)… “Weimar’s Demise: The SPD’s Misguided Approach to Preserving the Republic and Their role in its Collapse.”
That sounds absurd to me right now. That feels like a different life. I remember it being half-assed and uninformative. In hindsight though, I’m glad that for a moment there, I thought that maybe I could do something “meaningful”. But, lets be honest, I don’t think I ever really thought that. I’m finding this art thing to be far more meaningful anyway. I mean, who has ever learned anything about the future by analyzing the past? pffft… Continue reading

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when one door opens…

Another is broken...

I struggled a bit with the idea of going techie on this new piece but I think that I have fully embraced it. after a long talk with Jon about parts, a longer talk with Matt, some head-scratching with Andy, and then another refresher with Matt, I may just have the details of this thing figured out. Continue reading

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diving in: its kind of cold outside

so, compared to much of the rest of the county, no, its not that cold here in San Diego. However, two days ago i took this picture which is a bit unusual… in my short history here at least. Continue reading


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12 feet of sun drenched fiberglass

Before I get started with what I’m working on right now, I want to show you what my special lady friend, Amertah, did with my sawhorses that I posted the pictures of the other day, while I was at the studio today. here’s a hint… genius. Continue reading


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shapes and sizes

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on a sort of sprawling roadmap of sorts constructed as a long string of mutant sawhorses. here are some progress shots of it a couple of days ago. It maps out the swimming pools in a particular neighborhood and I have since painted the pools and advanced a little further on the project. Continue reading

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thinking of new work

As I get ready to get back into the studio and finish this current piece up, I’m (as usual) more interested now in what’s next. I really want to move past these house structures that i was working with so much in the past few months and this sickness interlude has really stalled my momentum. I’ve been looking at some new artists lately that are making some really cool work that inspires me. Here’s a guy named Michael Beitz who i found out about because he just finished up a Bemis residency, which i just applied for. his house box fan in particular is pretty awesome. His work is right up my alley and it seems like he too is a recent MFA grad. i like his level of interaction and playfulness but overall i want to make more intervention type work that speaks to its location more that that.

There are some really great local artists that I have been looking at too. Andy Ralphmakes some great work. you may remember his wacky outdoor lawnchairs from the Here Not There show at MCASD La Jolla. This piece however, Continue reading


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First Posting: Where I’m at, what we’re doing, and what’s coming up

Am I blogging yet? Am I a “Blogger”? not quite. I wouldn’t yet consider myself a significant part of the “blogosphere” or any “blogoverse” but here is my attempt at publicly airing my concerns and ideas for general consumption. Generally I work in a kind of off the cuff manner, so I think that this process should be interesting for me.
This is my last semester of gradauate school and as a part of our seminar this semester, we are all undertaking this exciting experiment in fancypantsness for our own personal betterment. I myself intended to start a blog long ago and have of course put it off until it has been mandated, but, better late than never right?… right. Continue reading


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