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Back at Haystack

Well, this June, I was able to cross off a major life goal from my bucket list (I hate the phrase “bucket list” but there you have it) by teaching my first full session course at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft. 

I first attended Haystack as a work Study student in 2007, an experience that was directly responsible for me applying to graduate school and formative to me in many ways. Since then, Haystack has served as a yearly (sometimes a few times a year in one capacity or another) reset. While I have taught short workshops there over the years, this was my first time as a two week course instructor and it did not disappoint. The class, entitled “Reinterpreting the Familiar Object” was loose in theme with sporadic intensive demonstrations and one on one training and discussion. A small group, my Seven student class consisted of a fantastic mix of people from a broad spectrum of life. 

I teach best in these kinds of settings. A class in which students propose their own ideas, and I guide them through the execution of that idea. We had furniture, turning, sculptural boat forms, and much more. So much fun and such a great group. 

Here is a smattering of images from the class. 

Also, we were there for an amazing full moon on the summer solstice. It was positively glowing for most of the two week session. 

Stay tuned for more updates as I prepare to leave Maine for California and a whole new grownup teaching adventure. 

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Back to the Wild West: Big Things Are Afoot

It seems that this blog, which started as a log of my everyday thought process, has increasingly replaced regular process and “what’s new” content, with sporadic major announcements. Today, I want to share with you all a big one…


After 5 years living and working in Portland Maine and at the Maine College of Art, a brief spell teaching in New Bedford Mass, a semester in residence at UW Madison, and a whole lot of fun times back in the Northeast, it’s time to move along and begin a new journey. Continue reading

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Teachening update

This past week, I taught a week-long workshop for MECA’s continuing studies program. The class was made up of six students, from high school age and up. The only thing this group had in common was their lack of experience with furniture making techniques and woodworking on a finer level. The class, which Continue reading

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