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Snow Days Are Still Great

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Judgement day comes but two or three times a year

for about a year now, I’ve been riding my bike on the same route to get to my studio and recently this appeared along El Cajon blvd in college area…

that is sooooo soon!

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making contact

Yesterday, about 3/4 of the way through my bike ride to the studio, I reached out and high-fived a man dressed as a subway sandwich. Now, I don’t normally go out of my way to make physical contact with strangers dressed as giant sandwiches, but I though, that man is no doubt crying inside of that suit as he dances holding a sign for 5 dollar (definitely more than his hourly wage) sandwiches, and the high five being the new, well, high five, he could use a dose of ride by hand smacking. He looked a little something like this, except he was dancing on the curb along busy El Cajon blvd.

I hope that I could have brightened his day just a bit, although I fear that only hard hard drugs could brighten a day that has been spent in such a way. That’s all I’ve got for today. stay tuned for my next post when I reveal the secrets of the hypnotizing sandwich dance.

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Bird Head Masks On Fire

Rebecca's work and Yona cast big shaddows

It’s been a busy few days with all kinds of shows and work and lectures to see. On Thursday, our resident artist BA Harrington gave a lecture on her work on campus. there was a decent turn out but unfortunately, there was a lecture at the downtown gallery at the same time so a lot of faculty attended that instead. But, the lecture was informative and fun and the group went out and made fools of ourselves at a local pizza place packed with sporty college students. Continue reading


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Making Our Mark: mapping the ridiculous

The Colon may just be the fanciest punctuation in the English language. Honestly I’ve never quite known if I use it properly but, in most cases, It can take any phrase and immediately make is sound like the title page of a doctoral dissertation. Here is the title of my undergraduate thesis paper…( yes, undergraduate International Relations students write thesis papers no matter how pathetic they turn out)… “Weimar’s Demise: The SPD’s Misguided Approach to Preserving the Republic and Their role in its Collapse.”
That sounds absurd to me right now. That feels like a different life. I remember it being half-assed and uninformative. In hindsight though, I’m glad that for a moment there, I thought that maybe I could do something “meaningful”. But, lets be honest, I don’t think I ever really thought that. I’m finding this art thing to be far more meaningful anyway. I mean, who has ever learned anything about the future by analyzing the past? pffft… Continue reading

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when one door opens…

Another is broken...

I struggled a bit with the idea of going techie on this new piece but I think that I have fully embraced it. after a long talk with Jon about parts, a longer talk with Matt, some head-scratching with Andy, and then another refresher with Matt, I may just have the details of this thing figured out. Continue reading

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death of a tape deck

recently the tape deck in my Subaru failed. Aside from a couple of mix tapes that I have, the deck was only used to plug in one of those shitty tape auxiliary plug things for my ipod. I wanted to take this opportunity to contemplate the tape deck at this point in history… Continue reading


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