Back to the Wild West: Big Things Are Afoot

It seems that this blog, which started as a log of my everyday thought process, has increasingly replaced regular process and “what’s new” content, with sporadic major announcements. Today, I want to share with you all a big one…


After 5 years living and working in Portland Maine and at the Maine College of Art, a brief spell teaching in New Bedford Mass, a semester in residence at UW Madison, and a whole lot of fun times back in the Northeast, it’s time to move along and begin a new journey. This summer, I will be moving out to San Diego California to begin a tenure track position teaching in the San Diego State University Furniture Design and Woodworking program. This program, as many of you know, is dear to my heart as both my alma mater and that of so many artists that I look up to. I will be teaching alongside the Great Matthew Hebert, and filling a position left by outgoing mad genius, Wendy Maruyama. This position represents a major shift in my career from short term teaching, both full and part time, to a long term full time role in a fantastic program. I have had such good experiences at MECA and elsewhere that have prepared me for this, but change is always a little scary. I am so thankful to the friends and colleagues there that have taught me so much about teaching, being a community member, and being an artist: in particular, Matt and Erin Hutton and Ian Anderson. We are leaving a great city and a situation with family and friends nearby. This will be the biggest adjustment for Amertah and I. She is leaving a fantastic job and coming with me, because she’s the damn best.


Accepting this position is both an honor and a privilege and will be a whole new challenge to face. Teaching jobs like this are few and far between, and I’m super excited to get to work out there with a whole new set of MFA and undergraduate students, as well as an amazing host of colleagues in a whole range of fields.


For now, I’ll leave it at that. It’s all been a lot to process, but I will have much more as this next adventure gets underway.

In the meantime, I have a semester to finish, A little trip to Kathmandu!!! with Wendy Maruyama and friends, A two-week Haystack Workshop, a presentation at the annual Furniture Society Conference in Philly, and then a road trip west. Whew! it’s going to be a busy couple of months.


Keep following the blog for updates. I will be trying to keep more on top of it as things roll.


be well



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