Madison Windgate Fellowship Residency: Week 3

Madison is on an Isthmus, and that’s where we are. Between two lakes.

I’ve been drawing more and am going to try to develop a series of drawings/paintings to go along with the work I make here. I’m having a great time rendering some of my ideas graphically… pardon the Iphone photos, there are real images of these also, but the phone is a good way to upload to the blog from the studio.


these are gold leaf, pencil, and paint. I’m really enjoying doing these. It’s an opportunity to up the surreal quotient of the ideas and objects I’m developing.

I’ve begun work on a project that will likely evolve into a series here at UW Madison. I’m constructing a series of modular landmarks, directionals, navigation tools, based on simple wooden structures and surveying tools. The first one is based on this drawing (below) that I posted the other day…

The drawings will serve as a jumping off point for an actual object that will engage with the actual world. I want to create objects for the itinerant artist. the crates for these objects will be part of the work. Each piece will break down and fit into a carrying case and go back together using simple systems and color coding. These are about interpreting, interacting with, navigating place, wherever that may be: less about this specific place, than engaging with the places that we are, and how we find our way around in new environs.

Until next week, thanks for reading…. here’s this…
slo-mo horseshoes
Also, I’m in the CMCA Biennial in Rockport Maine, which opens next week. Go check it out… here’s the announcement and artist list…


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