Madison Windgate Fellowship Residency: Week 2

With the first week of settling in and getting situated behind me, I’ve started spending more time in the studio. Classes have started and there are students around working and making things, and this is always a helpful motivator. I’m trying to make sure I don’t jump too quickly into a project, but have started by doing some fun drawings in the studio on this great big drawing board that is mounted to the wall in there. you can see it on the right in this picture…


I’m really trying to take advantage of being in a new place for the work I make here. I want to make sure that I can create as a reaction to place, while simultaneously maintaining my voice and aesthetic. This is always hard to do when you are thrust into a new setting, but the drawing process is helping me play a bit without too much consequence…


I’ve been thinking about the geography and history of this place. The city is on an isthmus, flanked on either side by two large lakes.


The city radiates, as you can see on the map, out from the massive capitol building, which overlooks the city on the only real hill. local zoning prohibits building anything taller than the second tier of the building, so you can see it from all over the city. I found this site that has a photo gallery taken from the dome on top, which happens to be one of the largest in the country. I’m thinking about making work that can be seen from this vantage point. simple way-finding, markers, landmarks, directionals, are all things that I want to play with.


these are some sketches, but I have started some more refined versions of them on nicer paper and plywood. I’m gold leafing these large circles first, and will be drawing into these shapes creating something of a glowing halo around aspects of the objects. This stemmed from some ideas I’m having that involve neon and the glow that can come from it. there is a neon shop here, and I am hoping to commission some simple signs and shapes to be part of my projects.



The midwest is such a unique place. Madison in particular is interesting because it is like an amazing oasis here. on the one hand you have this…

and on the other, there is great art, good music coming through town, a great variety of people, and an incredibly conscientious community that can be safely traveled by bicycle, and foot. This is a great place to be for the fall.

Anyway, here is this…

See you next week.

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