Madison Windgate fellowship residency: week 1

Hi Everyone. I have just finished my first week in Madison for my Windgate fellowship residency. I will be blogging weekly while I’m here, and this is the first of those posts. First of all, I always like to start with a good picture, so here is this…

Anyway, The first week involved two days of driving…


and then a week of kind of getting my bearings here in Madison.
First, I got my studio space set up…



This space is my little office/studio/storage room. I also have a bench space outside in the main machine room where I will actually do my work and interact with the students that come and go in the program.

Here is my little room in the front nook in my friends, Jordan and Mali’s apartment…


That’s all for now. I will update weekly during the course of the residency and as projects progress and develop.

here is this…


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