3 Things

Since I apparently can’t post with any real consistency any more, post-worthy topic tend to pile up for me. So, in order to bring us up to date, today you will learn about 3 big things, in chronological order, all of which are awesome for me.

But first, This hospital pain chart from the Blue Hill Hospital…


Thing #1: Staying Put-

Thing #1 has probably been in a post already, but now that it’s been up for a while, a brief recap. This June, after returning from a productive residency in Lanesboro Minnesota, I spent the month in the studio and out in the world, building, documenting, and installing a solo show at Space Gallery in Portland Maine. This is a show made up primarily of a series of documentary photographs and video of a floating dining set. The object is in the center of the space surrounded by large digital prints of the piece in Rockland Harbor and the St George river, in Midcoast Maine. This show is essentially the first stage in the life of this piece, with the hope that I can located it within various sites and build a series of documentation from a wide variety of settings.

below are some images of the installation. The white X on the blue field is a symbol from the International Code Flag Language, meaning “My Vessel is stopped and making no way in the water”, a nod to the title of the exhibition and the degree of permanence of the confounding nature of the object that the show centers around. The wall text is below as well, as it encapsulates the project succinctly. The show will be up through September 6th. click to enlarge…

Thing #2: Haystack-

Thing number two has become an important part of my life in Maine. Haystack Mountain School of craft is one of my favorite places on earth and since moving here, I have managed to return at least once a summer or fall to reset in an amazing place with amazing people. This summer, I had the great honor of being invited by my dear friend, Sylvie Rosenthal, to assist her with her class, Building Wildly. This was a crash course on building with wood, starting from the most basics through to some more advanced processes, but focusing on working as freely, and efficiently as possible. Students learned a range of techniques for making in wood, to whatever ends they may have, and how to solve problems without stalling. The group was fantastic and Sylvie has an ability to create a fun and open environment, while pushing hard and requiring a lot of students. A near perfect balance in fact. I often struggle with being either a pushover, or a hard ass, Generally more towards the pushover side. I got to work on a couple of my own things toward the end of the session, which was great. most importantly, I started an electric guitar, which I have been wanting to build for years, and am now finishing it up… This was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had at Haystack. The group was amazing: a perfect balance of self driven students, hunger, and fun. Most of the students were on the beginner end of the scale, and that worked out great.

Sylvie and I each made auction items, her a heart box, me a mallet with “activities”  safety” charms inlaid. We also paired up on a big panel piece. Sylvie inlaid some butterflies as a demo, and I cnc’d a Rumi poem into the wooden slab. We sold all of these at auction, which goes to support Haystacks incredible scholarship programs.

there was also a glass class during this session, which has never happened while I am there. This was great to watch. At the end of each day, we would clean up, grab a beer, and watch these Norwegian glass masters and their skilled students do their thing. I really loved watching this.

below are some shots from the session and my project, both at haystack, and in it’s current state…

Thing #3: What’s next-

So, This is kind of old news to me and a few friends, but I have not yet announced it to the world. In two weeks, I will be packing my car with all my tools, clothes, bikes, and random things, and hauling it all out to Madison Wisconsin for the next four months. I will be the Fall 2014 Windgate Artist in Residence at UW’s Furniture/Wood program for the full semester. This is a huge honor and I am incredibly excited to be doing this. Four months of making, a show, a publication, and a whole new place and group of people to get to know. My very good friends Jordan Geman and Mali Mrozinski will be putting me up, and Jordan will be teaching in the same program. This is especially great because Jordan and I have been working on some ongoing collaborations for a while now (See Flat Rate Exchange) and we have a new one in the works. This will give us a chance to do some of that work in person and in a fantastic facility.

My acceptance of this residency marked the end of my time teaching at UMass Dartmouth. This was a transformative experience with exceptional colleagues and students, but the opportunity to spend four months getting paid to make, interact with graduate students and faculty, explore a new place, and expand my work, is too good to pass up. I can’t wait to start this project and see where it goes.

So, there you have it. 3 things in my life currently. It’s been a pretty wild few months. there were some good concerts (Deerhoof at Space!!!), a 3 day party at my parents up north, visits from friends from LA and elsewhere, and much more, but these are some highlights.

I will be blogging this residency much more regularly, so stay tuned for those updates.

be well.


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