Hello all

Above is a fabulous little piece I bought at a holiday sale at UMass Dartmouth recently. A classic toy horse with a real seahorse head. I love it.


Next I want to talk about something that happened to me on Monday night. Something great. I saw Animal collective at the State Theater and I have to say, I was blown away. I have loved this band for a very long time and have somehow never seen them. I don’t know why or how, but it had just never come up. because of this, the pressure is high for it to be amazing and it really was.

The opener was a totally boring act called BeeDeeGee (I guess the guy from Gang Gang Dance but who cares because in this incarnation it was just boring).
He played inside of a mosquito net…IMG_4627

So there was that. That’s all I’ll say about BeeDeeGee because it wasn’t worth many more words.
Animal Collective, on the other hand, were far better than I could have imagined live. I don’t know why I had set such low expectations for them, but they actually renewed my love of this band, which I really already love a lot. The stage is this great set of inflatable teeth above and below the stage and these big horn type shapes inflated in the back. All of this is projected onto with some fantastic psychedelic imagery…IMG_4630 IMG_4631

Here is a little clip I had to take to prove that I exist and do things.

I never expected the level and intensity of musicianship that they have on stage. The show was carefully orchestrated and smoothly flowed from song to song with little down time, while still leaving space for improvisation. I would highly recommend seeing this live.


Anyway, Last time I posted I talked a little about a show and visiting artist thing I was doing at IUP. I thought I might post a few shots from that great experience. The show install went pretty smoothly and I gave a public lecture as well as working with some of the great BA Harrinton’s students for a day.

First, we drove a moving truck for 13 hours and then set up the show…













Then, we did a little workshop in which students from BA’s class made little floating pieces, quickly and with mostly scrounged materials (except the blue foam). This was a fun little project that got them working loosely and thinking about what can and can’t float. P1030532








Anyway, This whole visit was a ton of fun and the show went great. Later, we floated the buoys they made and I took one of my boats out on a local lake, but we had some weather issues that made the launch a little difficult. We had some buoy tragedies and a lot of cold confused students, but I got to get out on the water in one of my crafts and row around a bit.


Also, IUP has this!!!



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