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A Small Craft (Post Card)1

A small craft post card backJust a quick post today. I am about to leave for a few days for Indian Pennsylvania to install a show and do some visiting artist type things. I’ll be leaving tomorrow, Tuesday the 29th of October, and returning this coming Saturday. While I’m in PA, I will be giving a visiting artist lecture, meeting with graduate students, doing a fun workshop with undergrads and grads, and having an opening. See the above images for more information. They are producing this fun little brochure of my work for the show also. If you are in or around the area between now and December, stop in and check it out.

 A Small Craft Brochure (Front)1A Small Craft Brochure (Back)-1


This is what the trees look like in Maine right now (actually about a week ago)


and this is a fantastic table a student made recently in my 3d Design Workshop class…

IMG_4570 IMG_4565

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