Enter the Seasons: celebrating the magic of seasonal unpredictability

Before I begin, I want to show you something great. On Friday, I finished a few class periods of critiques with my 3d students of their all-cardboard “Body Extensions” project. There was a lot of great work and I got some good pictures of the students wearing their extensions. Now, I don’t generally want this blog to overlap with my teaching. For the most part, I’d like to draw a line between my classes and this outlet for more miscellaneous observations and discussions. However, here is a video that I can not help but show you, all six or seven of my loyal readership, of a pretty well engineered piece from this critique. enjoy Hannah’s extendable mechanized cardboard arm and hand…

there you have it. well done.

Anyway, It’s fall in Maine now and you know what that means… Halloween and… massive destructive snowstorms?!

kingston NY on Halloween weekend

Amertah, Satoru, and Atsuko in Kingston

We took a trip down to Kingston, our old home town, to visit my brother and some good friends for a Halloween party, and it snowed so much that, not only was the party itself cancelled, but millions were left without power across the region. Take that climate change skeptics! oh, wait, nevermind.

It was actually really nice to be in snow for the first time in a while, and we got to see some pals in the area, including the fantastic Bryan Czibesz and Casey Ray, from SDSU and former renters of our San Diego apartment. Bryan recently started a sweet Tenure track position in New Paltz’s Ceramics department and they live in Rosendale near all of our old pals from College. It was a snowy good time.

Last but not least, I want to show you some pictures from a recent tour of the Lie Neilson Toolworks factory in Warren Maine…

they combine super-modern machinery with great old milling tools like this

inspection and assembly station


shiny parts

drawknife blanks: a new tool in their line

tempering area

The facilities were interesting but the tour was surprisingly short. We kind of got rushed right through and then we were done. It was great to see the combination of modern CNC technology combined so flawlessly with very precise handwork. Most of the machining is done in huge enclosed cnc machines, but all of the cleanup of castings, fitting of parts and final smoothing and flattening is still done by highly skilled machinists and toolmakers. Pretty cool. I still couldn’t afford to buy any in the showroom after though.

And with that, I say goodbye and give you this…

Amertah, in Halloween best, gets down

and finally, this…

This is the most fun I've ever had in a Gynecologist's chair... ever.


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2 responses to “Enter the Seasons: celebrating the magic of seasonal unpredictability

  1. Wendy Maruyama

    oh man, I had to cringe when I saw you in that gyn chair.

    • adamjohnmanley

      Yeah, my favorite part is the little tray/drawer that pulls out in the front underneath me there. It was quite comfortable actually.

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