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underwater exploration: Maine has an ocean?

Alright, I’ll come right out and ask… Did you know that Barnacles have one of the biggest penises of any animal? no? Well, neither did I, but they do. Relatively speaking of course, the ordinary barnacle that attaches itself to the bottoms of boats, piers, docks, and rocks, has a prehensile penis that is several times its overall length. Why, you ask, do they need such comically oversized penises? well, it’s really quite simple, and this informative blog explains it best…

The penis of the barnacle is considered one of the largest in the entire animal
kingdom, and allows the animal to simply reach over and fertilize its neighbors. To
add to the convenience, all acorn barnacles are hermaphroditic, so each individual
can both conceive and bear young.”

That’s right, not only is their penis to overall body mass grossly out of balance, but it turns out they have lady parts as well, making every barnacle a baby making, and birthing machine.

In case you don’t believe me (and are too lazy to click the aforementioned link), It looks a little something like this… Continue reading

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celebrating protest camping: the new “doing something”

There's a man on the roof

This is the view from the window of my Wednesday and Friday Morning 3d Design class. I have to say, it’s not all that bad. Looking out over the city, and at back cove, I think “this could certainly be worse”. I often look at that rooftop space and think how much I’d like to live in that. Unfortunately it’s abandoned or used for storage. That man is fixing one of its many broken or missing window pains. That would be a great apartment.I love this old architecture. The streets, as you can see are a mess, so I can’t keep up my SoCal rollerblading regiment, but the buildings are just the way I like them. Continue reading


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Enter the Seasons: celebrating the magic of seasonal unpredictability

Before I begin, I want to show you something great. On Friday, I finished a few class periods of critiques with my 3d students of their all-cardboard “Body Extensions” project. There was a lot of great work and I got some good pictures of the students wearing their extensions. Now, I don’t generally want this blog to overlap with my teaching. For the most part, I’d like to draw a line between my classes and this outlet for more miscellaneous observations and discussions. However, here is a video that I can not help but show you, all six or seven of my loyal readership, of a pretty well engineered piece from this critique. enjoy Hannah’s extendable mechanized cardboard arm and hand… Continue reading


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