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Ketchup: where was I… where am I?

I know, It’s been awhile. I think, instead of explaining myself (You’ll see in a later post why I’ve been Idle in the bloggy sense) I’ll just pick up where I left off: here is an abridged description of my short but lovely journey across the country.

Note: when I say lovely, I mean everything leading up to and including Madison Wisconsin. Because, lets not lie to ourselves, there is nothing good about the drive from there east. It is at this point that the trip becomes a slog. A thankless march through a 20 hour monotony . A bland blur of IllinoisIndianaOhioPensylvania. It’s not really all that bad.

Anyway, you saw the beginning of our trip, but here is some of what we saw and did between San Diego and the swiftly cooling East Coast.

We started out in San Diego and drove out into that magnificent desert. Continue reading

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