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art in the woods, art in the city

the view from the painting studios at Haystack Mountain School of Craft

So, after a torturous two weeks without reliable internet connection, I have finally emerged from the woods to return to what really matters, Blogging to no-one about the mundane things that I see and do. If you sense a note of sarcasm there (read it again, it’s there) it is because, in fact, two weeks at Haystack Mountain School of craft and a few days at my parents house in Maine is actually the opposite of torturous. it is, in reality, exactly the vacation that I needed.

For those of you that have never attended Haystack, take this as a warning: For your own good, find a way to get there. This was my second time, the first was on a work study scholarship and this time I was assisting a steam bending workshop taught by the fantastic Mitch Ryerson of Boston. a full photo album covering the class can be seen here, but here are a few highlights… Continue reading

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