What not and such: starting them young

showdown: a book on the shelf of the La Jolla Athenaeum

I want to share with you a recent scene that I witnessed while on an outing.

First, a little background: Last Saturday, m’lady and I attended an event held at a Lakeside elementary school with my young cousins and their mother, my Aunt. This was sort of half science fair half field day. In fact, I think it was called a science field day. Events took place throughout the separate buildings of the classic southern California school and kids ran around from one to the next competing in science and education related events in small groups by age and school. Schools from all over San Diego County were present so needles to say, it was a little hectic, but pretty cool to see all of the different projects and enthusiasm and such. You remember, that time right before we stopped caring about anything… or was that just me?

Anyway, there was a school present called Islamic elementary which, as you can imagine, was made up of young Islamic students, and as far as I could tell was an all girls school. Now, at the same time as this event, the school must have also been hosting an ROTC or similar training day because confused looking youth in camouflage toting fake machine guns would occasionally drift through on “patrols” or some such nonsense. It was nice to see that these kids are finally living out their video games in real life and I personally can’t wait until they get real assault weapons.  well, here are some pictures I captured of one or two of these “patrol” scenes. I couldn’t help myself. It looked like a grade school play about the Iraqi invasion and occupation.

See for yourself…

This was a kind of surreal moment for me. Like a parallel universe or creepy future. None of these kids are having anything but a blast and if you could hear the sound, they are all running around and screaming and laughing. (not the “GI’s” of course. they are deadly serious) but it’s amazing how some camouflage and toy guns can taint a scene like this. Why is this allowed on an elementary school grounds? I don’t know. some of those future soldiers were having way too much fun.

Anyway, It was a nice day and my cousins, Jack and Gabi, destroyed the science competition. I wonder if ROTC kids get to make rubber band boats?

Today is a special Things That Suck, Have Always Sucked, And Will Always Suck…


there, I said it. lets wait until they know what it means shall we?

here’s this…

Can you spot the biggest threat to our safety? hint: they are holding guns... sort of

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