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Some kind of things

So it’s come to this: I’m going to lame out and just dump a bunch of pictures of things on you. Starting now… Continue reading


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What not and such: starting them young

showdown: a book on the shelf of the La Jolla Athenaeum

I want to share with you a recent scene that I witnessed while on an outing. Continue reading

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Sketchy Business

I hate to put up a new post and send my Thesis work to the bottom of the page, but its time to move on…

Contrary to popular belief, the weeks following one’s thesis exhibition are anything but calm and relaxing. Granted it is vastly different than the long days at the studio that I have grown accustomed to, but I don’t really feel as though I am in some magical land of relief and relaxation. Honestly, I don’t really think I would like that. who does? Continue reading


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