Am I a master yet? well no…

After a brief hiatus, I am finally able to return to the self indulgent world of blogging. My hiatus, as many of you know, was not one of leisure but instead, a brief interlude of hectic insanity known as the MFA thesis exhibition. In hindsight, I would say that the show and the run-up to it went better than I could have hoped.
The show, entitled You Are Here, was presented as a walking tour that started in the Jackson gallery on campus and wound around the fifth floor balcony of the art building in a large loop. The idea was to try to replicate the kinds of mediated interactions with the landscape and space familiar from national parks, historic landmarks, and even shopping malls. here is an image of the map for reference…

Now, I will take you on the exclusive guided tour…

the title wall with accompanying tour maps

Looking back at the map, you’ll see that the first three pieces are inside the gallery. here is the work in order of appearance along the tour. videos are included when necessary. click to enlarge…


1.5 Million Homes (power comes in waves)

1.5 Million Homes (power comes in waves)


Leaky Faucets Sound Like Leaky Faucets

Leaky Faucets Sound Like Leaky Faucets


A New View

A New View (detail)

Now on to the outdoor work…


Capped Spiral

Capped Spiral (view from inside on the stair case)


At Home in the Trees

At Home in the Trees

At Home in the Trees interior view


Rocking Chamber

Rocking chamber

Rocking Chamber (interior)


Overlook (viewing station)



Mapping the Pools of Del Cerro

Mapping the Pools of Del Cerro

Mapping the Pools of Del Cerro

Mapping the Pools of Del Cerro

So, there you have it. This show, only up for 6 days, represents the last year of my life and work. I’m more attached to some pieces than others but all in all I think the show fit together satisfactorily. I had some great guests in town for it including my parents (who drove from Maine), my brother Jonah, my bestest friend Amelia, my pal Jordan and his special lady Mali, pal Marcus, and Amertah’s wonderful family as well. A lot of wonderful people helped me along the way and for that I am forever grateful. Last but not least, here is my thesis artist statement and acknowledgments for your reading pleasure…
You Are here_Artist Statement

And Finally, last but certainly not least, I resume my ongoing series, “Things that suck, have always suck, and will always suck”
…Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

… and also this…

The Mormon temple in La Jolla


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7 responses to “Am I a master yet? well no…

  1. Master Manley,
    You are a Man among Manley Mastermen. Really great show, the outside work was my favorite. I looked for you on Tuesday late afternoon, with my drawing class. I had to take them on the tour myself, and think I did a good job of mis-representing your work. We had a great discussion about the pool piece and water and lawns in Southern California.

    I hope you write about what I would call “appropriate” craft in your thesis, you are a master at making a determination of when to be crafty and when to back off.

    Good luck finishing out the MFA

    MF (eh?)

    • adamjohnmanley

      sorry about tuesday. I watched the gallery from 10-3 every day. I bet you went with your 3:30 class. that was also the day of my orals so I think i left promptly at 3.
      I have been talking a lot about “appropriate” craft with people lately and it’s something I really strive for. I still think I fuss too much at times and cut corners too much at times but I think I’m getting closer. It’s really important to me that the degree of craft doesn’t draw attention away from the work in one direction or the other, but the furniture maker in me always wants to go overboard, and the framer always wants to call it good and go to lunch.
      Thanks so much for the conversation on the work and taking your class around. wish I could have helped with that.
      now to start writing….

  2. Shane Duenow

    How can you hate Mormon Disneyland? Its where religion and drugs meet!

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  4. pam

    Adam, WOW!!!!! I really have nothing intellectual to say, except the exhibit, videos, acknowledgements, (especially the dedication to Annie), Artist Statement, made my heart swell with pride and awe…..
    You are an inspiration to what can happen if you just say YES to those creative bursts, honoring them, welcoming them and then following through , without listening to any of the nay-sayers that dwell within all of us, clicking their tongues and shaking their heads!!!! It has been lovely watching you grow up and becoming .xoxoxpam

    • adamjohnmanley

      thanks so much Pammie. It was really important to me that it be dedicated to Anne. That’s arguably where this all started. Not that I’ve every gotten any discouragement from mom and dad, or any of you guys for that matter. Thanks

  5. jdt

    If I was giving a crit, I’d mostly leave it at You don’t need the astroturf. To begin with, it lends itself to being a little disheveled. Of course that can be written off as being both “tacky and real,” but the swim pool shape of the turf gives it a fair amount of intention that might belie that line of thought.

    The woodwork is very nice, and the pool forms and lighting are rich.

    The only crit question I’d ask would be to find out how you feel like you relate to this community of people. Given the specificity, it would seem that their is a distinct relationship. Personally, I feel like the world is a lesser place due to the general dissociation of the artist and the community, but I don’t know if that applies or is even moot here. And like most modernist objects, these stand alone. Thanks.

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