Rodeo clown

So, here is a short post since it is the week before my show and yes, I am feeling it.

First off, Last night was Kyleen Jeans’ Thesis exhibition at State and I must say, it was a great show. Kyleen is making great work and her presentation was spot on. Instead of trying to space a bunch of work out in an oversize gallery, she put all of the work in the little back room of the Flor Y Canto and  then blocked the rest of the space off with a blanket made of patterned linens and lit slightly from behind… it worked to great effect.

and here is a shot from within the show

Now, in this last shot you may notice an amazing little mailbox: I have assured Mrs. Jeans that yes, I will own this one day. Here are some more shots of the work. I think it was a really successful show.

On to more important issues… On Friday, we celebrated BA’s birthday by attending the Lakeside rodeo. I have never been to a rodeo, and it did not disappoint. This was as much (or more) a people watching expedition as it was a sporting event. This was a pretty amazing experience. Apparently Lakeside takes its rodeos very seriously because there were world class riders from around the globe. also there was this…

Nothing says, we take this event very seriously like a relish dispenser that looks like a medical device with a bowl of fresh vomit at its side.

Anyway, a good time was had by all and we got to see some death-defying rodeo action like this…

as well as a little of this…

apparently, this is what women get to do in the rodeo. Honestly, I think I’d rather make a fool of myself in one of those outfits than be potentially stomped to death by an angry bull. just saying…

The children at the event were very hostile but noone was shot…

and here is the crew

so, I leave you with today’s Things that suck, have always sucked, and will always suck… (for a refresher on the rules, see my last post)

The Doors (the band, I have no problem with doors in general. In fact, I find them pretty useful and often necessary)

also, here is this. god bless… something

Yes, there were hands on hearts, I shit you not. but man, listen to that guitar shred.

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