Thesis haze

So, I know I haven’t posted in a while, but this thesis thing started really taking over my life, as it should, but I only have a week and a half left so that’s exciting. speaking of which, here is the flier for the show, which is entitled You Are Here

and here are the PDFs if you want to download it. You Are Here front
You Are Here back

As I wind up for the final push to the show, I am finding a distinct (and welcome) lack of fear and nervousness. I’m not without some stress and worry but I feel like, at this point, the work will be done and the show will be what it will be. That’s not to say that in the next several days I won’t fall apart, but as of now it looks like it will come together to be a pretty strong, and fun, show. I was having a conversation with my good friend Amelia the other day, who is at the same point in a graduate program in metals at Madison, and we both have come to a similar point in our work regarding our thesis. It seems like you really do become more comfortable with your work and your process and ability to discuss those things as you move along this path. Not that I’m getting cocky, (i still go through periods of intense self doubt… all the time in fact) it’s just an understanding that I am working as much as one can work and at this point, I have a certain sense of comfort with the knowledge that my work is at least getting at something that I am happy with. for whatever that’s worth.

so, I’ve decided to start a new segment that I will be ending with from now on. I call it…

Things that suck, have always sucked, and will always suck.

for today’s TTS,HAS,AWAS I will give you two. now, for these I am not going to give you the satisfaction of any explanation or justification. Just know that I mean it from the bottom of my snarky heart. Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves or to discuss out loud by yourself wherever you are. And now, the inaugural installment featuring a first time bonus…

1. The Red Hot Chili Peppers

2. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (the NPR radio show, not the oft blurted phrase)

now of course, I take no responsibility or ownership of these opinions, and maintain the right at any point in time to reverse said feelings at will…but I won’t. because these are Things That Suck, Have Always Sucked, And Will Always Suck

and now I leave you with this, a tiny taste of what you will see if you attend my thesis exhibition, followed by something ridiculous.

this old woman dressed as a slutty clown though she could make some kind of performance art on top of my sculpture, which happens to float in a swimming pool… she did, unfortunately for her, it was not quite what she had hoped for. She really does stunning work. Listen to her friend describe what shes trying to do all up on my work.

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