for a limited time

First off, it’s been a while since my last post so I will start with the most important matter, as it is time sensitive. The new Panda Bear album is almost out (April 12th) but for now, NPR is streaming it in its entirety. Now, I don’t know about you, but this album has been a hard wait for me. 2007’s Person Pitch LP remains to this day one of my regular cycle albums and the anticipation for a follow up has been killing me (sort of). I’m currently mid listen and am enjoying it. Give it a listen. This album is a little murkier. on NPR they talk about Noah Lennox’s recording process and it was recorded in a basement. I don’t know exactly what that means but it feels a little darker and less spacious. Anyway, I’m excited.

Speaking of good music, last week I went to see San Fransisco band Sonny and the Sunsets at Soda Bar here in San Diego. I’ve seen them once before as an opener and at the time I had never heard them before. Since then, I have become a pretty big fan. Sonny smith is pretty amazing:a musician, an artist, a writer, a two time headlands resident artist. It was a good, if short, break from my recent studio schedule, which has consisted mostly of the proverbial burning of the candle at both ends. here are some shaky pictures from the show. these, of course, were not taken during the several songs in which Sonny asked the light operator to turn all of the lights out and the band played, along with the audience, in the total darkness of the dungeonesque club.
The two ladies you see are jointly called Earth Girl Helen Brown and are members of the opening band The sandwiches. they played this song which has a pretty great classic sound, and a few others before leaving the stage for a regular Sonny and the Sunsets set. Sonny is a great performer and a genuine weirdo so the show was quite enjoyable. The Sandwiches themselves, who opened, however, were thoroughly underwhelming. Great singers, boring band. try other things ladies.

All of this talk of course is an elaborate attempt to pretend that I don’t have my thesis exhibition in three weeks (not quite actually) and the panic that that fills me with each time I remember. Its not that I don’t feel ready, and its not that I don’t think I will have enough work (I make a lot of stuff) I just recently started getting the panic attacks that come along with feelings of intense self doubt, fear of the future, stress, and a generally surly outlook on most everything. Generally the work is coming together just fine but my current piece is giving me headaches that I fear with most likely end in an aneurysm. here are some current in progress shots after some rethinking and reworking.

I switched from belt to gear drive

my motor and its gears

the machine's soft white underbelly

the poles

The work is actually really fun but some of the problem solving has been nerve racking. Currently I’m trouble shooting one last mechanical issue and then its on to bigger and better things, such as: do I make tiny insulators to run my powerlines through? probably not… but, more importantly, what  kind of base will I construct to hold this monstrosity up? it has these great stainless steel legs but they require some kind of base to be embedded in. That’s the next task. Luckily, whenever the minute mechanical details start making me crazy, I can always walk over to Matt’s bench where he is working on this…

That’s right, I don’t want to give away the awesome details of his series he’s making but yes, that mailbox is plugged into that computer, and yes, it is being meticulously programmed.

Finally, here is how the SDSU Physical Plant fixes a broken wooden railing… on the actual premises of the physical plant itself…

you can't make art this good... well maybe

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  1. Shane

    I wouldn’t say the Sandwiches were an underwhelming performance, I just thought that she was having small spastic hyper tempo foot seizures which in turn were giving me anxiety.

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