Judgement day comes but two or three times a year

for about a year now, I’ve been riding my bike on the same route to get to my studio and recently this appeared along El Cajon blvd in college area…

that is sooooo soon!

Now, aside from being outraged by having completely ludicrous (or “wicked retaaded” ) religious nonsense presented to me in giant billboard form as  I make my commute, I am also puzzled by what I see as a trend in Christianity in particular. Granted not all sects of this small cultish religion (I don’t know if you’ve heard of it) believe in the judgment day theory, but the ones who do are outspoken to say the least. After centuries of predicting these days, haven’t they grown tired of being wrong yet? In science, a person comes up with a hypothesis like this and tests it. If it turns out to be wrong, they rework the experiment to try new sets of variables and see how that works. Eventually however, if a predicted outcome never happens, one must come to the ultimate realization that they were wrong. This theory does not work with Christians who believe in the day of reckoning. somehow, no matter how many times they are made a fool of, they continue to predict and continue to be wrong. doesn’t that get frustrating? how do they convince anyone to listen? “I know I know, I was wrong all those other times, but people, believe me, this time its real. you’d best make good with god.”

Now of course, comparing religious extremism to science is in itself totally ridiculous or “wickedy wack”. These two worlds exist in direct opposition to each other. This is a fact that Richard Dawkins stresses in my favorite TED video of all times entitled “militant atheism”. you can (and should) watch it here.

Dawkins argues (and I have to agree) that, while there are some notable scientists who maintain both scientific integrity and religious faith, the two are in fact completely inherently at odds. the very idea of religion is in itself unscientific. in order to have faith in the make believe world, one must forgo the questioning that makes science what it is. So, for me to make the comparison is really not appropriate. I just wonder how people can spend so much time being sooooo wrong and not re-evaluate their process.

In much more interesting news, my dad alerted me to this Frontline video today featuring a short film about Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei. He is one of my favorite artists currently and this video is really fantastic. there are links below it as well that take you to other information on him and his work.

watch this, you will not be disappointed. His work and activism are some of the most inspiring I’ve seen.

now, here is this adorable bit of news

amertah made a new guy

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