Its raining raindrops!

Tonight I went in to the Studio at about 11 pm to get a couple of little tasks finished up and it was raining really hard. This was a really beautiful rain so I’m ok with it but the SDSU art building is not. our back porch was about two inches deep at the center and the drain was totally clogged. so, I plunged it out and it made the coolest whirlpool I’ve ever seen. It was dark out and I was cameraless so you’ll have to take my word for it but it was wicked fast and then it started making this really loud suction noise as it drained the water as quickly as it could.
After dealing with that, I went to check on my rocking shed (it looks a little something like this…

rocking chamber

since it has been living outside for a while now just to make sure it was holding up. Covered in tar paper as it is, it was doing just fine and so I got inside and had a sit. At this point, I should make it known that one of my all time favorite things is the sound of rain in a tent. This requires a good tent, but if you have one, camping in the pouring rain is one of the best sleep aids I know. So needless to say, the sound made by the rain on this big tar paper box on frame, was pretty good. I spent a few minutes in there and captured this short recording. have a listen…

This post was mostly written because I’m so excited about getting this soundcloud account and embedded player working.


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5 responses to “Its raining raindrops!

  1. great discovery man, thank you for reinforcing this already spectacular downpour in such direct way. Wish I could have seen the whirlpool. Lucky…

  2. oh Adam. you are becoming such a tech nerd. It’s funny, I just heard a recording of the Japan earthquake the other day. I will try to find it and post it here for you.

  3. Erin

    did you take shelter under my sofa…

  4. J.Kramer

    I bet that whirlpool was priceless! I was thinking about the back porch the other night it was raining so hard. I sleep really really well when it rains, and I had a dream about the back porch flooding the shop due to the drain being blocked…

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