Today we had a crit in Seminar of a short term project that began over Margaritas and Mexican food last week. Wendy handed out a paper napkin to each of us and told us to draw or sketch the first thing that came to mind. Then we passed them one person to the left and she told us to make a piece in a week about that person’s drawing. Some fun work came of it. I like these short assignments like this because it allows for a kind of unrestrained creativity that sometimes gets complicated over the long term. That kind of exercise, I think, really helps inform how you think and make work in the long run.
Anyhow, the work was all over the map (in a good way) and we had some good discussions. One of them, I can’t remember which, reminded me of this website that Kristen Bonser emailed me the other day of this really cool wind-powered knitting machine. Check it out. you will like it.

a drawing from the webpage

Speaking of great emailed links, here is one sent to Amertah by one of her co-workers… I love this.

Don't go to this bible camp

I always hated Meth Bible Camp. I never got any sleep…

On my way in to the studio today, I saw this house that had been lifted up for re-shoring and loved it.

And last, but certainly not least; another brief rant about my car stereo. I received and installed my new car stereo today and it went quite well. I’ve done it enough times now that it has gotten pretty easy. However, there is one ridiculous trend in car stereos that I just don’t get: REMOTE CONTROLS…
honestly, who needs a remote control for a car stereo? the main control panel is literally inches away from your right hand, no matter how you drive! In a house or business, one could potentially be many feet or several rooms away from a stereo and therefore need (sort of) a remote control. In a car, Even if you were in the back seat, which would mean bad things for the fate of the vehicle’s passengers, you are never more than about three to four feet away. That is barely longer than the standard adult reach. I want answers. Is there really this big a need for car stereo remote controls? I have never seen a stock car stereo come with one, even on the fancy models. but my seventy dollar bottom shelf cd receiver has been pimped with a wicked awesome remote. Maybe its in case you lock yourself in the trunk and want to die to the muffled sounds of your favorite recording artist.

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  1. I’m still laughing my ass off over “Meth rd” Good one!!!

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