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Kurt Vile

tonight, during my daily internet time wasting session, I came across a review of a new Kurt Vile album that I didn’t even know was in the works. Its called “Smoke Ring for my Halo” and here is the glowing review from pitchfork. Now, I try not to take everything pitchfork says too seriously, but, its rare that they get this excited about a new release so I’m pretty excited to hear what he’s done. It took me a while to start liking Kurt Vile but it really grew on me. its got a great space to it. Good late night studio stuff. We got to see him solo and acoustic at M-theory records in Mission Hills last fall.

He was a little sloppy at first but once he settled in it was pretty great. I had never been to a record store performance and the intimacy of the show was what made it. He plays some great rock and roll with his band and can fingerpick like a madman too. All in all a good show. I think you should all try his “Constant Hitmaker” album before trying the new release.

In other music news, Matt just burned me the Crocodiles album “” and it is all that I have listened to for three straight days. They are originally a San Diego band and this album is fantastic. its jangly and echo-y noisy and pretty… and almost completely about dying as far as I can tell. I don’t have their debut album yet but have to get it now. try them out. Its noisy and pretty… what more needs to be said?

they love each other

Saturday, before going to my pal, Sylvie Rosenthal’s, show, I headed downtown for a quick stop at a gallery called “Sala de Espera”. Now, this is less a gallery than a woman’s small third floor apartment that she shows a new artist in every month or so, starting last month. On this particular Saturday in March, Alexander Jarman and his sister Savannah Jarman mounted a little installation entitled “This is a City”. When we showed up, we were told to wait in this kind of holding area on the lower floor landing where we stood with a growing group of interested patrons. Needless to say, considering my proximity to the wine and my unease in tight spaces with strangers, I was mildly drunk by the time I got into the small show. It consisted of a series of the tower-like cardboard box structures shown below and was quite cool. It was hard to get a shot of the room as a whole on my shitty phone camera but it was filled with these stalactite-like forms that reached down and touched pieces of the owner’s furniture.

Alexander and his sister are pretty cool characters and he was encouraging photos and the posting of these photos all over the interwebs… free promotion.
This was a great simple project and it got me thinking a bit more about collaboration. My dear friend Amelia and I have been talking lately about trying to get a collaborative idea together for Kohler in Wisconsin but have as of yet not gotten going on that. I talked a bit with Alexander about the possibility of this and he seemed interested. Our interests work-wise seem in line. He makes work intended to play off of and interact with its environment and, well, so do I, I guess. I am more of a maker, and in this instance at least, he is more of a conceptualizer. His sister did much of the “ladder work” as he described it, expressing a genuine fear of all things tall and tippy.

After talking with Alexander for a while, I went on to sylvie’s show at Art Produce in North Park and a good time was had by all. Her work looked great (especially the whale) in the back room of the space and there was a pretty good turnout. I don’t have pictures of the show because all I had was my phone and well, it wouldn’t really have done it justice. It was nice to see the products of Sylvie’s residency with us. I think her presence in the shop was really positive and She produced some great work that I definitely see as growth in her body of work. The scale, degree of finish, and construction methods have all come together in a great way.

Now, here is this…

# 1 Bro !!!


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2 responses to “Rock and/or Roll

  1. so (noticed that I started with the word “so”) THAT’S why I missed you at Sylvie’s show. does this woman actually live in her apartment? I’d feel weird with strangers coming into my place to look at art.

    • adamjohnmanley

      yeah, she and her boyfriend or husband live with the work. I think it would get a little old too. it occupied most of their furniture. I had intended to go to it really early so i could get to Sylvies show pretty early on, but the whole waiting room thing lasted for ever so we didn’t get out until like 8ish

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