Making Our Mark: mapping the ridiculous

The Colon may just be the fanciest punctuation in the English language. Honestly I’ve never quite known if I use it properly but, in most cases, It can take any phrase and immediately make is sound like the title page of a doctoral dissertation. Here is the title of my undergraduate thesis paper…( yes, undergraduate International Relations students write thesis papers no matter how pathetic they turn out)… “Weimar’s Demise: The SPD’s Misguided Approach to Preserving the Republic and Their role in its Collapse.”
That sounds absurd to me right now. That feels like a different life. I remember it being half-assed and uninformative. In hindsight though, I’m glad that for a moment there, I thought that maybe I could do something “meaningful”. But, lets be honest, I don’t think I ever really thought that. I’m finding this art thing to be far more meaningful anyway. I mean, who has ever learned anything about the future by analyzing the past? pffft…

Right now I’m experiencing a minor shift in my work and finding some comfort in the discomfort that its causing me. I don’t expect that kinetics will be my new exclusive language, but the work seems to be opening up to some new possibilities and right now, that is moving parts and mapping and a slightly more direct approach to interpreting the place that I find myself, and we find ourselves in. its fun, its exciting, and its a little terrifying. Specifically, the electronics and moving parts of the two current projects are causing me to re-evaluate my comfort zone. Its kind of invigorating. As most of you know, we often find a comfort zone in what we do and then take that comfort for granted. Playing with wiring and motors and cams reminds me of what it was like in my first woodworking classes. That feeling where your grasp on a concept is just enough to get you in far enough to potentially not find your way back out. Its kind of exhilarating to know that “this thing I am doing may fail” and to work on through that. I really loved woodworking at that stage. Trying and learning until it worked right.

This week, the Student Award Show is up in the student galleries and, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I have a piece in it that I made specifically for this show. I didn’t want to try to show my thesis work, and anyway, its a little unwieldy for a group show in those galleries. So, I made this piece entitled “231 Pencils, 72 erasers (a pair of implements)” pictured below.

I think it came out alright. A few of the “Furnies” have work in this years show and hopefully someone can represent for furniture at the awards ceremony. Vince’s duck table (sorry Vince, I forgot the title… Incommunicado 37??? maybe) looks especially sweet in the middle of the big gallery.
I for one, like the idea of this show: an annual showcase of SDSU artists, both undergrad and grad, and a chance for money and recognition. (did you see I used a colon again there? I bet I misused it)
It seems to be the one event at which the art department’s existence is publicly acknowledged by any outside entities within the university… so, that’s pretty cool. Also, today, while I was monitoring said exhibition, I made this out of a tiny map of Switzerland I found…

the poor Swiss, no-one takes them seriously

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