when one door opens…

Another is broken...

I struggled a bit with the idea of going techie on this new piece but I think that I have fully embraced it. after a long talk with Jon about parts, a longer talk with Matt, some head-scratching with Andy, and then another refresher with Matt, I may just have the details of this thing figured out.

I’m pretty excited about this piece and where it may take me. I think it is a good step in the thesis work. I say this as though working on this diving board is all I have left to do, ignoring the mountains of preparation work I have yet to do for this show. But I love this kind of work. I tend to thrive best when I know what I want to make and can make tasks and complete them…
Task one: mount 65 miniature telephone poles into a 12 foot diving board, mechanize them to create a wave pattern down the length of it, and don’t fuck up
Task two: finish everything else

Matt brought up a good point today regarding this piece and the last one. While I really like working in this kind of diorama scale, and it does link in to much of my most recent work, Much of what is appealing about reproducing the power lines is that great overhead jumble and the scale of it as it meanders off over the horizon. I think this is for another piece perhaps but I would like to try to capture that at some point. Its a great feeling of beauty tainted by guilt and discomfort. I’m trying to work with this mark we leave. These spaces we fill.

Tomorrow my special lady friend, Amertah, and I will have been together for 9 years exactly… thats practically 10 years… crazy

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