12 feet of sun drenched fiberglass

Before I get started with what I’m working on right now, I want to show you what my special lady friend, Amertah, did with my sawhorses that I posted the pictures of the other day, while I was at the studio today. here’s a hint… genius.

That’s right, its a proper tiny-sawhorse-teaparty… Magical.
I just thought you all should see that.

So, I’ve been struggling a little with what step to take next and the other day I had a bit of a breakthrough. I wouldn’t call it a total breakthrough because honestly, I still haven’t worked out the details, but I’m pretty excited about the possibilities.
Early this fall I made a sculpture that consisted of an inflatable kiddie pool, a miniature framed out house with copper plumbing and spigots, a pump, and a small diving-board covered in grass… needless to say, it was a little busy and I was flustered and disappointed with the final product. I disassembled it and reworked the house form into another piece, got rid of the swimming pool and stashed the diving board in a dark corner of the studio. I always wanted to come back to the diving board but talked to a few people and we unanimously decided that the one i made wasn’t really right. that diving board looked something (exactly) like this…

I liked this little guy alright but forgot about it until the other day. when I pulled it out and decided to look on craigslist for an actual diving board. This is the result of that search…

That’s right, today I drove up to Fallbrook and bought myself a 12′ long blue and white fiberglass diving board.

Now, I have been wanting to make some more mapping related work and am still working out how I will put this to use but the decision to look came from a brainstorming session on what type of form I wanted to portray these unusual maps on. the sawhorses of the last piece were really satisfying to me and I wanted something similarly ubiquitous and strangely domestic. The diving board relates to the pools of the last piece and allows me to built quite a long stretch of diorama depending on the scale I use. I am thinking that this may be a similarly simple piece in terms of what is depicted from the landscape and am almost settled on some representation of high tension powerlines and poles spanning end to end.
Wendy and I were recently talking about the Nuclear plant along the I-5 in San Onofre. the plant sits right on the ledge overlooking the pacific and the powerlines run eastward out of it and disappears into the mountains. I did some research and that plant supplies power for some 1.5 million homes in southern California.
I don’t want to try to replicate the plant or anything like that but would like instead to try to capture that strangely beautiful image of that massive amount of power as it leaves for its destinations.
This is where I’m a little stuck still but tonight will be sketch night and hopefully I can settle on some details by tomorrow and get going on this piece. I want this diving board to be a stage for a really fun landscape map.

In other non-diving-board-related news, Here is an interesting article on the changing music industry centered around some great San Fransisco bands, one of which I cannot stop listening to… (in fact when I read the headline I was listening to them and felt weird) Erin turned me on to John Dwyers band The Oh Sees and we saw the other two guys opening for them and Ty Segal at various points. Its nice to see bands like this getting some recognition. they are hard working folks and it shows. Sonny Smith’s Tomorrow Is Alright album is pure genius and I can’t get enough of it. If these guys are the new face of the music industry, I think we’ll be alright. Unfortunately, I think that may be a bit overstated… maybe they are one face of the changing industry. Honestly, its probably better that way.

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2 responses to “12 feet of sun drenched fiberglass

  1. Matt

    Amongst my family as well as lara’s, that power plant is known as the Dolly Parton Memorial. I know it’s immature and premature. But, that is what I have known it by since my childhood drives in socal.

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