death of a tape deck

recently the tape deck in my Subaru failed. Aside from a couple of mix tapes that I have, the deck was only used to plug in one of those shitty tape auxiliary plug things for my ipod. I wanted to take this opportunity to contemplate the tape deck at this point in history…

at some point, the tape became a sort of ironic nostalgic item and I don’t understand why this happened. I for one have been shocked that tape decks were still standard in cars well into the 21st century. (Here is some reading on that) this baffles me. I understand that there is a large hipster contingent that is drawn to its shitty sound, short lifespan, and finicky systems, but the fact that most luxury and family vehicles were including them in their dashboards beyond 1994 is a mystery to me. Why is there any attachment to the cassette tape? This is the problem with nostalgia. we take something that in reality was never very good and has since been replaced by something far superior, and we decide to ignore all of that and pretend that those were better times. Here is a bit of news: Not only is the “mixtape” still possible, It’s also easier to make, more shareable, and easier to modify when the maker makes poor song or order choices (Dustyn, if you are reading this, this is not a stab at you. You make a killer mixtape).
Its funny because I totally understand the attachment to Vinyl, but that is because, if well maintained and played through a good system, records produce superior sound quality. With vinyl there is also a real historical importance. If nostalgia is going to be one’s reason for choosing a music format, the record is the way to go. It represents one of the earliest forms of recorded music, as well as a time when things were made more intentionally. The cassette tape is a relic from an era of cheapness, and excess that we would be better off forgetting. It should have died alongside Reagan… Too soon?… no
I ordered a cd player (honestly, if i could get just a radio with an auxiliary input, I would) with a USB and auxiliary input right on the front to replace the massive CD/radio/tape deck that came with my car. lets hope that was the last tape deck I every own.


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3 responses to “death of a tape deck

  1. wow I wish my tape deck would die so I could get one of those things too. frankly I don’t listen to the radio much so if I could just have an mp3 input I would be happy. would this make it less prone to being stolen? probably not?

    • adamjohnmanley

      As far as I’ve been told, any aftermarket stereo ups your chances of theft. Which is totally lame. I would totally love just an mp3 player input and a couple of knobs.

      Adam John Manley 3332 Felton st San Diego CA 92104 619.241.9712

  2. Erin

    boooooooo, live on tape deck!!!!!!

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