shapes and sizes

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on a sort of sprawling roadmap of sorts constructed as a long string of mutant sawhorses. here are some progress shots of it a couple of days ago. It maps out the swimming pools in a particular neighborhood and I have since painted the pools and advanced a little further on the project.

As usual, I’ve moved on to the next piece in my head and am just hooked on these saw horses. As a purely formal object I’m really drawn to them. They have a great symmetry to them that i just want to repeat and arrange in every possible configuration. However, I of course do not have dozens of Burro Brand saw horses at my disposal currently. Especially when I’m at the studio at midnight and suddenly really want to play around with stacks and stacks of saw horses. So, tonight i bandsawed up a few mini guys and played around. Here are some of the results. Mind you, these are photographed on my “the iphone” so pardon the horrible quality.

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