thinking of new work

As I get ready to get back into the studio and finish this current piece up, I’m (as usual) more interested now in what’s next. I really want to move past these house structures that i was working with so much in the past few months and this sickness interlude has really stalled my momentum. I’ve been looking at some new artists lately that are making some really cool work that inspires me. Here’s a guy named Michael Beitz who i found out about because he just finished up a Bemis residency, which i just applied for. his house box fan in particular is pretty awesome. His work is right up my alley and it seems like he too is a recent MFA grad. i like his level of interaction and playfulness but overall i want to make more intervention type work that speaks to its location more that that.

There are some really great local artists that I have been looking at too. Andy Ralphmakes some great work. you may remember his wacky outdoor lawnchairs from the Here Not There show at MCASD La Jolla. This piece however,

Andy Ralph: "Benwalthank"

is my favorite. i like the material treatments and simple execution. its really clever. check him out…

Also, I’ve been seeing this guys work around a lot lately and really like some of it.

David Adey

David Adey, detail

David Adey makes some really intricate paper work that is impressive but not my cup of tea. the drywall screw work though is really fantastic. I love the weird texture it creates. he has another with the screws stuck in a football and the football is hooked up to an animal respirator that inflates and deflates it. Personally though, I love this sawhorse. So simple and really visually striking in person.
I saw it at the San Diego Art Fair and can say it was my favorite piece there. that may not be saying much but it really is a great piece. it transforms both of its materials just enough, without loosing the importance of either.


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3 responses to “thinking of new work

  1. Reuben

    Well, I am tired of looking at your pile of saw horse structures too. Get them done and build something else already! Glad to see you on your feet.

  2. Erin

    I want to rub my face across those screws, they look soft

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