First Posting: Where I’m at, what we’re doing, and what’s coming up

Am I blogging yet? Am I a “Blogger”? not quite. I wouldn’t yet consider myself a significant part of the “blogosphere” or any “blogoverse” but here is my attempt at publicly airing my concerns and ideas for general consumption. Generally I work in a kind of off the cuff manner, so I think that this process should be interesting for me.
This is my last semester of gradauate school and as a part of our seminar this semester, we are all undertaking this exciting experiment in fancypantsness for our own personal betterment. I myself intended to start a blog long ago and have of course put it off until it has been mandated, but, better late than never right?… right.

I’ve had the Flu for about a week now and can’t really talk so maybe writing a bit will be good for me. I try to see the best in things (sometimes… rarely… ok, no i don’t) but this seems like a downright crummy time for me to have the Flu.

As a thesis student this semester, my involvement in the projects of our seminar is slightly less than it has been in the past. Personally, I have always gained a lot in my own work from the assignments and exercises that we are given in these seminars. The current project assigned to the group is about the idea of “shelter”, and while I am not currently working toward that piece (I am in the middle of a new piece that i’m pretty excited about… I’ll explain later) I have been thinking a lot about it as it directly relates to much of the work that I have made over the last year. Recently, Sylvie Rosenthal and I have been toying with the idea of proposing a fort making class to either Penland or Haystack. I will be Assisting a course at Haystack this summer and hope that I can make some good connections while there and maybe scope out some good locations. There is something about these makeshift personal shelters that appeals to most everyone.

This is a small chapel that my friend made for his mother in the middle of the woods on his farm in Pennsylvania. I’m just about the opposite of a religious person, but this place has always been very powerful for me. His father is buried next to it. I remember watching that happen. He made the stained glass and the architectural sculptures that adorn it as well as designing and building the structure from wood and materials on the farm. its an amazing place. If there is a possibility for shelter to be some combination of literal structure and spiritual comfort, this is it.

I think that if I were working on this shelter assignment with the rest of the class, I would be approaching it quite literally. that just seems to be how I do things. i think I’d like to build a front porch off of one of the main campus buildings. something real rustic and down home and maybe slap a rocking chair on it. I’m interested in the way that shelter so often means protecting ourselves from our surroundings. I’d like to play with an idea that didn’t cut us off but created a new sort of interaction with those surroundings. how can we feel in our element without retreating from another?
I guess this all really ties into the work that I have been making and am working on toward my thesis exhibition. in my most recent piece, and probably in the next few as well, I have become more interested in the idea of mapping. more specifically, I’m fascinated by the possibilities posed by satellite software like Google Maps and Google Earth.

This is a photograph taken from a satellite and accessed online of a section of houses in the Neighborhood of Del Cerro, directly across the freeway from the SDSU art building. I am doing a piece based on a map of this neighborhood and the locations of these swimming pools. I think that this image really gets at the idea of shelter for me and how really abstract the notion can be. The home is to most people the ultimate shelter. However, the changing world can both intrude on that old sense of shelter, as well as open up arenas for new types of shelter. Some people never feel sheltered within their home, but a lot of people now find shelter in the new personalities afforded by the internet and its various worlds.

here I am on my childhood front porch: a place for me that, even though my parents have moved, will always embody shelter.


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8 responses to “First Posting: Where I’m at, what we’re doing, and what’s coming up

  1. BA Harrington

    When I realized that you weren’t doing this assignment with the rest of the class, I immediately thought that it didn’t really matter because your work fits so well into the theme anyway. I like the interventions you’ve done on campus–a porch could be a wacky and interesting addition to one of these adobe-like structures.


    Adam- As soon as I read that the project dealt with the concept of “Shelter” I immediately thought of you. Your work focuses on this concept. It has been great to watch the many variations of homes/shelters that you have produced and it would have been interesting to see the porch… I like the description of the new piece. I really enjoy the idea of mapping. Areal views show homes displayed in grouping unlike your previous works. Mapping these homes could also give you the opportunity to discuss issues that are covered/ hidden by this generalized view. Good Luck with your thesis!

  3. J.Kramer

    I feel that this idea of mapping the swimming pools fits in seamlessly with your recent body of work. The whole Google satellite mapping blows me away as well. I’ve always been intrigued at the software and how detailed it is. Thinking about this program specifically, there might be some interesting areas to explore such as the “off grid” areas. Some places, like military bases, when you zoom in the program just blocks you out and won’t allow you to see anything within that area. I always thought that was kind of interesting. You can basically watch me leave my house but you can’t zoom in on a fucking airplane or tank…bummer. On the other hand, I was wondering what you had planned to fill the “pool voids” with on the sawhorses. Have you made that decision yet?

  4. Erin

    Enjoyable read! You’re great at making the reader feel comfortable and giving them a real sense of who you are through your “snarky” comments!

  5. Reuben

    I like the question you pose about shelter, “how can we feel in our element without retreating from another?” It seems to go hand-in-hand with other issues you have addressed in your earlier works like safety and escape. I am curious about this pool project though–it is definitely a different direction. What is it about the pools for you? More discussion is sure to follow…

  6. Jon

    I think most all of your work fits somewhat into the idea of “shelter” already. Hope you are feeling better soon. 🙂

  7. good transition from the structures to the saw horses Adam. I’m especially interested to see where this body of work leads. From a formal stand point I especially engaged in the association of saw horse to building. An interesting connection. -V

  8. you told me you don’t write or don’t like to write. I’d say you’re doing a pretty good job so far.

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